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It makes sense that most education institutions and schools are making a time and money investment into cloud-based VoIP system. But if you don’t know what VoIP is, or what it can do for you, you might find yourself on the back foot in a fast-paced tech world.

VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol, which is basically the ability to use your internet connection to make voice and video calls. It converts your voice into a digital signal, allowing you to make calls from your telephone device, computer, or from any of your other data-drive devices. But, there is more to it than that.

Benefits: A lot of big businesses made the switch early because they are looking at the bottom line. And that bottom line is expanding with the savings that are possible by implementing the right VoIP system. Of course, VoIP features will vary depending on the company that you choose. But here are a couple of benefits that will allow you greater manageability of communication, to save money, and speed up specific processes. So, when you consider the size of the standard educational establishment, it makes sense that VoIP is ideal.

Here are a few extra benefits:

Versatile Features: For example, if your school district expands or implements an exchange program, your system can be flexible enough to account for that expanded usage. You can also manage your call queue options, like getting voice-mails sent to your emails (amazing time saver). The voice-to-text transcription is fast and effective. Not only that, but you can forward those emails to others quick - so everyone is informed when they need to be.

Simple Conference Calls: All calls will be using a converged data network, making the whole process much more manageable. Traditionally you will have to cover the costs of multiple callers and additional services for conference calls, not with VoIP though. Video calls are also made easier too. And in education, face-to-face matters. When you have the ability to give video calls, you eliminate some of the miscommunication that can happen within email chains.

Automatic Call Distribution: When you use intelligent ACD, you won’t be hitting the switchboard, or risk your calls being rerouted. Instead, the ACD will use a smart distribution system, which means it distributes calls across available users and gets it to the most appropriate individual - rather than bouncing from faculty to faculty and office to office. This is a more sophisticated version of Call Hunting. If any staff member is out for the day, they can log out of the system, and they will have no calls routed to them.

Online Faxing: While with traditional faxing, you'd be scanning files into a machine, and a hardcopy would appear at the other end. With online faxing, you can send a fax to any machine from your computer, mobile phone, tablet, or any other device that has an internet connection - from anywhere.

Low Maintenance: Educators have more than enough to do without having to worry about the maintenance of the networks that they rely on. Luckily, with hosted VoIP, they won’t need to worry about it. They are very low maintenance, and usually, there is 24/7 support staff available who can remotely fix issues if required. They can also help with configuration if something has gone extensively wrong.

Finally: In the end, by employing a hosted VoIP system, you will be future-proofing your Public or Charter K-12, School, Colleges, and any other educational institutions. The ability to use cloud telephony, face-to-face voice calls, quick call placement, and an online faxing is money and time-saving. And, something no educational institution should be without.

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